NO.1 An architect is conducting a discovery on a client's current CMS implementation.
The architect must identify which functionality is missing from the client's current implementation.
What should the architect do?
A. Gain access to the system and review code
B. Use documentation provided by the client
C. Speak to the key stakeholders about how to use the system
D. Speak to the IT department about how the system is built
Answer: C

NO.2 A client's security team needs protection from repository content modification outside of its
network on its publish servers.
What provides the LEAST protection against this specific threat?
A. Disabling Sling POST Servlet and WebDAV functionality
B. Enforcing very strong passwords on all systems and using SSL
C. Using Dispatcher filter rules to block access to /apps and /libs
D. White-listing specific HTTP methods and URIs required for application functionality
Answer: D


NO.3 Which two business requirements can be achieved by using OOTB AEM components? (Choose
A. A sidebar contains a list of PDF files tagged with the "Product Data Sheet" tag.
B. An article has a Facebook Like button; the number of clicks are stored in Adobe Social.
C. A store details page displays an embedded map from Bing Maps.
D. An article can be composed of an arbitrary combination of text, videos, and images.
Answer: B,D

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NO.4 AEM installs default groups and users.
Which two concepts should the architect know about the admin, anonymous, and author users?
(Choose two.)
A. Keep all three users as default
B. Modifying the anonymous account creates additional security implications.
C. All default accounts should be deleted.
D. Change the password for the admin account from the default.
Answer: B,C




9A0-385試験番号:9A0-385 勉強ガイド
試験科目:「Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect Exam」

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